Die Tageslosung

Weide dein Volk mit deinem Stabe.

Micha 7,14

Die Schafe folgen dem Hirten nach; denn sie kennen seine Stimme.

Johannes 10,4

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Christmas in the German Church…

Christmas in the German Church (status 19.12.2021)

As it stands now, we will be able to celebrate Christmas in the church. We can meet with 100 people in the church. In addition, we offer video livestreaming of almost all services on the congregation‘s YouTube channel. We recommend,  if possible, to attend the service from home. If you come to church, be sure to arrive early so that there is no congestion. Times of worship in the German Church:

Christmas Eve, 24.12.

  • 12.00: Family service with nativity scene (and in livestream)
  • 14.00: Family service with nativity scene
  • 16.00: Christvesper (and in livestream)

Christmas Day, 25.12.

  • 12.00: Service with communion (and in livestream)

Second Christmas Day, 26.12.

  • 11.00: Service (and in livestream)