Die Tageslosung

Meine Zeit steht in deinen Händen.

Psalm 31,16

Wer von euch vermag mit seinem Sorgen seiner Lebenszeit auch nur eine Elle hinzuzufügen?

Lukas 12,25

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The German Evangelical–Lutheran Congregation

The German Evangelical–Lutheran congregation reaches people of German language in Finland. It is part of the Finnish Church and belongs to the Swedish diocese in Porvoo (Borgå). It is connected since 1959 with the Evangelical Church in Germany. The center of the congregation is Helsinki (Helsingfors). Then there’s the chapel congregation in Turku (Åbo) and approximately 18 community groups across the country.

1864–2021 — 157 Years German Church in Helsinki

The community in its present form exists since 1990. It arose from the German congregation in Helsinki (Helsingfors), which was founded in 1858 and the German congregation in Turku (Åbo), which had taken over since 1927, the care of seafarers.

The Kindergarten and preschool of the German Congregation in Finland

The German kindergarten of the German parish in Helsinki, together with the preschool of the German school in Helsinki (DSH), offer childcare and education for children aged 3–7 years. Our aim is to maintain and develop the children’s knowledge in the German language and culture. We work in close cooperation with the German school and thus provide an optimal start for the children’s educational path.

Our kindergarten is located next to the German church and the Tähtitorninmäki at the heart of Helsinki. The German school is only a 20 minute walk away. We can be reached by bus, tram or subway, and even the central railway station is only a 15 minute walk away. As our kindergarten is on parish grounds, we use the large parish hall for sports and other activities. Outside we usually play in the beautiful and spacious Tähtitorninmäki park. We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30 AM to 5 PM.

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